Why Should I Learn Coding?


You are a non-programmer who can think of how things work in this technological age. You are interested in technology and are thinking of choosing this path.
You are a beginner, you have just entered this field and you doubt whether you have taken the right steps to choose this field. It can be scary or frustrating for you or funny for you.
You are an experienced person and you want to know how far you have come after choosing this field and what changes you have felt throughout your entire journey in programming.

A lot of people before entering into the programming field are curious to know how things work behind the scene? How within a few seconds Google give us a search result whatever we are looking for? How we are able to connect to someone on Facebook around this world? How does Google Maps really work to give us direction anywhere in this world? All the above reasons inspire a non-programmer to choose this field. Today we all are dependent on technology in our daily life, for entertainment, for communication, and for everything but very few people know how to read and write code. If you are already coding for years, you will be able to apply this skill beyond your computers. We are surrounded by a lot of problems and coding has given us a lot of solutions in the real world. It doesn’t matter if you are a non-programmer, beginner, or experienced person, there are multiple reasons you should learn to code.

  1. Attractive Salary and Multiple Career Opportunities.
  2. Develop Problem-Solving and Logical Skill
  3. Develop Interpersonal Skills

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