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We are located at the foothills of Boulder county, Colorado. At BLI, we work with doctors, professors, and you to bring lighting solutions to treat autism, create high-power reading light for the elderly, and combine innovative technology to design and manufacture efficient CMH and LED horticulture lights for sustainable crop cultivation.

Fazle Quazi founded Boulderlamp in 2007. He is a physicist, electrical engineer, and an entrepreneur. His involvement with lighting industry began when he was a graduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. It was a Friday afternoon in a crowded restaurant in Boulder mall where he invented the “Fluorescent Dimming Ballast Utilizing a Resonant Sine Wave Power Converter”. A patent was applied and granted in 1990. This was a pioneering patent that set many standards and made significant contribution in the development of solid state lighting industry. Dr. Rudolph Verderber who pioneered the high frequency electronic ballast concept while working for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory called the sinusoidal electronic ballast as the Cadillac of the industry. During this period Fazle also received the “Colorado’s Most New Product” award for wireless fluorescent lamp dimmer. From solid state fluorescent ballast to ballast for HPS lamps to designing efficient LED horticulture lights, Fazle brings three decades of expertise and hands-on knowledge. Fazle’s passion for controlled environment agriculture and sustainable living inspired him to create and promote ZEFAB, “Zero Energy Farming in Apartment Building”.

This was before LED grow lights. BLI was granted a patent in September 2009 tiled, “Electronic Ballast For High Intensity Discharge Lamps”. Based on this patented technology, we began manufacturing ceramic metal-halide (CMH) lamp-based luminaries, including 315 W high bay and streetlight, and since then we sold thousands of these products. BLI engineered the 315W CMH grow light in 2011 after Philips Lighting introduced its Master Color Agro, a modified 315W CMH lamp that can replace a 600W high-pressure sodium (HPS). We were the first company to introduce the 315W CMH grow light into the U.S. market. We branded it ceramic discharge lamp (CDL). The sparkling white light generated by the 315W CDL grow lamp mimics sunlight, and the 120 lumen/watt light was truly a remarkable milestone. The UVA-rich tailored spectrum of the315W CDL is an efficient solution for indoor grow. Built in Colorado, BLI’s 315W CDL is regarded in the industry as the most reliable, and high-yielding luminaire in its class. High Times in August 2015 issue featured grow light technology, “Electric Sunshine” where it wrote, “Boulder Lamp Inc., who absolutely crushed it in our lighting trials”.

Colorado paved the way for many indoor grow innovations. Our interactions with local cultivators led to the development, and integration of specific color light emitting diodes (LEDs) with 315W CDL light fixtures. The correct mixture of red, blue, and green together with a small amount of UVA and far red creates a “dream color” grow spectrum. This incredible color augmenting hybrid grow light provides up to 20 percent more yield than the 315W CMH. We introduced the 315W CDL+LED light to the market in 2015. United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted two patents for this family of lights, “Vertical Grow Lights With Frame Mounts” in June 2018 and “Daisy Chain Grow Light” in December 2018.

MoonWalker – Cycling beam LED grow light is a new generation of LED grow light. A patent was granted in April 2022. MoonWalker is more energy efficient than conventional LED grow lights. It can grow things bigger, better and faster with less energy. In addition, a cycling antimicrobial component in the mix, pests and mold can be controlled with light. MoonWalker could be game-changing in the CEA farming sector.

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